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It all started with a virus four years ago. It unlocked a world of pure make-believe. It drove us down to our knees, and what we all believed to be pure genuine fiction escaped into the world – a nightmarish fairytale of vivid nightmares made of flesh and blood.
It didn’t take long for our world to go down in flames. Cities decimated. Family and beloved friend’s dead. Our society became dominated with howls, screams, bloodshed, and destruction. Blame rested on our heads for this global carnage. Yeah, we were at fault for it.

A new society was born from the ashes of our own destruction – Lykens. Some humans chose to live within the territories, others within their own communities. Some run.
I’m Nikki. I’m Eighteen years old. And this is my story.
This is part of an ongoing serial that will be released in 2018. This specific piece rounds out at 4,421 words and is a preview. Signing up for A.M Martin’s newsletter or following on Facebook and or Amazon would be a great way to stay up to date.



My Cover Ebook avery2.jpg“My gaze stays out the window, “I was happy. So, happy.” A small smile forms on my face, “So full of life. When I came home that day. I cracked into a million pieces. Mind. Body. Soul.” 

After witnessing the aftermath of her father’s gruesome murder, fifteen-year-old Avery was forever changed. Her inner sight once dormant, swelled like a cresting wave, sending her into a tailspin and eventually landing her in the care of a psychiatric institution. “Cured” and released from Green Brier two years later, she finds herself in her uncle’s custody. Only then does she begin to question her diagnosis and discover what she dismissed as madness may be something else entirely.
Dark, broody Kayden has become reckless with the Rage constantly snapping at his heels. His only goal is to find an Empath to form the em-bond or risk being stuck in the Rage. A wild animal forevermore.
After a five-year, long war against his Mother’s Empath. Dean disbanded the Court of Wolves and let the Rage consume him centuries ago. The only thing he’s ever known is to hunt, run and sleep. That was till he smelled winter in summer. Till Avery.
Three different people. Three different lives. What happens when they meet?
Their world explodes.

*This is a Reverse Harem. One Female, Two Guys.mal forevermore.

IginsStep into this short Fantasy Romance what readers are calling a dangerous exciting world.
Basil never had a normal life. Her moms as paranoid as they come. 
Yeah, she went to school but that’s just about the only thing this teenager could call normal. 
For her life as she knows it takes an unexpected turn.
She soon learns everything she thought she knew about herself was a lie. 
Lies to keep her safe from the threat on Elementum. 
Join Basil as she learns the truth about herself and how to navigate a world she knows nothing about.
A life of Royalty. 
A life of powers. Bonds and war. 
A life she has to accept.
A life that she is To Live.
Welcome to Elementum.